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Volunteering Abroad

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Travel can take on many different forms, but volunteering is perhaps the most rewarding of all. In fact, having said that, ‘perhaps’ isn’t the word, it certainly is the most rewarding.

The options are endless, and the destinations too, and your choice totally depends on where you want to go, what your interests are, and who you are as a person. You will come away from your adventure feeling like you have truly given something back, whilst also making new friends and leaving your mark on the part of the world you visited.

Does this sound like your cup of tea?

Nature, childcare, construction, education, wildlife conservation – the options are endless.

The important thing to remember with any volunteering holiday or travel expedition is that you use a third party company, and one that is reputable. You will probably be asked to pay a fee, which covers your food, water and of course your accommodation, and your flight and travel costs will be separate, but this all means that your time away is covered and you know that you are safe. You could of course go off the cuff and visit a nature reserve etc, asking if they have any volunteering opportunities, and as long as you feel this is above board and you are safe, then you could also go down the straight to the point route.

Another thing to remember – insurance. Never ever do any volunteering work, or even any travel, without adequate insurance. You will be working in different environments to what you’re used to back home, and that could open you up to dangers or worries that you’re not used to. Medical care needs to be covered, and your insurance will do that for you. Travelling without adequate insurance is just a risk that should never be taken, so take a little time out pre-adventure to sort it all out.

Many people make the common mistake of thinking that volunteering holidays are just for gap year students, yet this is not the case. Career break thirty-somethings, those on back packing holidays, wanting a change, someone in the middle of a mid-life crisis – you name it. There is no age or situation limit on these things, just a good standard of health and fitness.

Africa is obviously where many people think of when it comes to volunteering, and this can take the form of wildlife conservation on a safari park, teaching children English in poor areas, volunteering in health care, or helping to build schools and shelters in those areas affected by devastation through natural causes.

Is there anything more rewarding than this?

I don’t think so.

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