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Pack it up! Packing for a ski holiday

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Packing for any kind of holiday takes planning and patience, with a bit of clever thinking, yet packing for a ski holiday takes even more thought.

This isn’t a bikini, sarong, and party dress kind of holiday, and your clothing is likely to be considerably heavier than the kinds of items you’d take for a summer break.

You won’t be able to get away with taking only hand luggage on this kind of holiday, so you are going to have to book a suitcase onto your flight, which does bump the cost up a little. Having said that however, there are plenty of cheap ski holidays with Neilson, and some serious bargains to be had, so your suitcase shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

So, what are your must pack items for a ski break?

Travel essentials

Obviously your passport, tickets, hotel details, insurance etc, these are all things you shouldn’t forget and should be the first things that go into your hand luggage when you’re packing. Make sure your passport has adequate validity on it in good time too.


Warm clothing is obviously going to be needed, but you will also need evening clothes for your apres ski needs. This isn’t a heels kind of break, but comfortable footwear is a must. A quirky little thing not to forget – bed socks!


Don’t forget sun-cream! Just because it’s snowed doesn’t mean you won’t get sunburn, as up high at altitude, the sun is very strong, especially when reflected off the white surface of snow. Sunglasses are also a must. I’m not suggesting you’ll get extreme snow blindness, but it can be very hard on the eyes, and we all know how precious our eyes are.


Not everyone takes their own ski and snowboarding equipment away with them, and most prefer to hire in resort, so this won’t be a problem for most. If however you do have your specialist equipment that you want to take, remember to book this into your flight and declare what it is. You will have to pay extra, but if you want to take your own things, this is the price you have to pay!

Everything else is generally the same as any other kind of break, without being anymore specialised than this. Packing isn’t fun at the best of times, but the best advice is to put yourself in the position of being there already, and try and think what things you will use. If you need to, write a list – it always works for me!

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