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Money, money, money! Tips for saving cash on your summer holiday  

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Holidays are a necessity, not a luxury in my opinion. Despite that, it’s important to save money wherever possible, and that way you can have a better holiday as a result. There are many little ways we can save cash here and there, and it does mount up to a larger saving, even though it might not seem like at the time.

Look at how you get to the airport

You might have noticed the increasing cost of train travel, as well as long-winded bus journeys to the airport. You don’t need to be adding time onto your travel plans, and being a bit clever with how you get to the airport is where you can save a bit of money. Driving yourself to the airport and booking your parking space is a good way to save. Airparks offer some fantastic rate on UK nationwide parking, and this isn’t just limited to large airports. Dublin Airport parking is also offered at budget busting rates.

Book DIY

Package holidays can sometimes be found at bargain prices, but a lot of the time if you manage to book your flight, transfer and accommodation independently, it means you can hunt around for separate deals, and put them together to make your own bespoke package.

Consider all inclusive

Whilst all inclusive does have its downsides, usually the risk that you don’t feel inclined to leave the walls of your hotel because you have everything you need right there, it does have the major advantage of including all your food and drink in the price, so you don’t have to worry about budgeting. If you can find a low cost all inclusive deal, then you’re literally laughing all the way to the holiday bank.

Shop around for your excursions

Don’t be tempted to book your excursions through your rep, as you’ll often find the cost higher than what you will find the same trip for on the streets. Street vendors in large tourist resorts are on the whole very reliable, and if you book several trips from the same vendor, or if you book for a group, then you will probably find you will get a discount.

Eat local

When you eat out, try and head to where the locals eat, as this is not only where you’ll find the most authentic and delicious food, but you’re also not going to be paying tourist prices here, so you’ll save money on your evening meal. These kinds of restaurants are often away from the tourist streets, usually set back a little, but simply ask your hotel staff where they like to go to eat, and get directions.


If you’re wanting to take souvenirs back for your loved ones, head to the markets and get haggling. You might find the whole process a little strange at first, but you will almost always grab a bargain.

You don’t want to be on a huge budget whilst you’re away, because let’s face it, we save up all year for our time in the sun, but simply cutting a few corners and being clever will mean you save without even realising it.

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