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Indirect or Direct? The End Result is the Same!  

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In these times of saving money, it’s important to identify ways to keep money in our pockets, when a lot of the time it feels like there’s an invisible hole draining cash out!

I believe that holidays and travel should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of your budget, so if you can find a few sneaky methods of saving cash, then it means you can go further, stay longer, and enjoy it more! A good way to do that? Consider flying indirect.

Don’t roll your eyes! Flying indirect does have it downsides, I’ll admit, but it also has many plus points, namely it often being cheaper. To add onto your cheaper flight you can also cut a few more corners, such as saying ‘no’ to expensive public transport, and instead driving yourself to the airport and booking your parking space in advance through airparks.co.uk. Money saving has never been easier!

If you can manage to find a cheap flight, however you choose to do it, and add on extras, you’ll find the overall cost will be lower as a result. We briefly mentioned public transport, but this really can drive up the cost of travel if you’re not a little clever with your plans. Driving yourself to the airport and parking up is a way to not only save money but also save stress, and it’s a service that nobody misses out on, as there are nationwide spaces available, including great value services for Stansted parking. It’s simply a case of checking out what’s available at your local airport.

With your getting from A to B plans organised, you can look forward to your long-awaited break, and if you do decide to take my advice and look at indirect flights, then it’s important to find one that doesn’t impact on the start of your holiday. If you can do this, you will save.

I flew indirect for the first time when I went to Orlando. The direct flights at that time were ridiculously expensive, so I logged onto Skyscanner and searched all flights, direct and indirect. In the end I flew via Atlanta, and I only had an hour and half’s wait for my connection. If you book an entire journey with one company, you will often find that you don’t have to collect your suitcase and check in again, as your baggage is automatically transferred and you will be given your boarding passes for all legs of your journey at your initial check in. Obviously check this out with your individual company, as this may vary, but on the whole, this is the rule of thumb.

An hour and half’s wait might sound a lot, but when you consider how long it takes to disembark a flight, get through passport control, find the toilets, grab a drink, and find your next boarding gate, well, an hour and a half has passed!

It’s basically a case of weighing up how much longer your indirect flight will add onto your travel, and whether the saving is considerable enough to go for it. I personally wouldn’t book an indirect flight with more than one connection, but if the price was right and the waiting around wasn’t too much, I’d certainly do it again.

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