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How to Travel with Your Adult Parents

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How funky it must be to have adult parents that want to get out and see the world. This is something to cherish, and something that needs to be managed properly, to get the best out of the situation for both parties.

The best way to sum this whole situation up? Patience.

Patience is the key word!

Respect boundaries

It’s important for both you and your parents to realise that you are an adult in your own right, and that even though you’re all going off on an adventure together, you are free to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your actions. Having said that, you also need to respect the fact that these are your parents! Again, patience is where it’s at, and a few deep breaths along the way.

Don’t revert back to being a child

Throwing a tantrum isn’t big, and it isn’t clever! It’s easy to revert back to the parent and child role when we’re within our bubble, but that isn’t going to help your travel plans, and you certainly won’t enjoy it as much. When you feel your inner child bubbling it, push it back down!

Discuss expectations beforehand

Just to get everything out in the open, have a sit down chat about what you and your parents want to get out of the trip. What do you want to see? What do they want to see? When you have all your cards on the table, it’s easy to make a plan.

Plan activities you can enjoy together

Moving on from the discussion, once you know what you’re wanting to see, you can plan activities you can do together. Enjoying a trip with your parents means you can see amazing sights together, and half the fun is sharing it with the important people in your life. Have equal input into this plan, and everyone will be happy.

Remember your parents might not be spring chickens anymore

You might want to trek up that mountain, but your parents might not be up for it. Remember that physical activities may be limited. Of course, they might not be, I know many fifty and sixty year olds who are quite happy to jump on a trek, but not everyone is like that.

Give yourself space

Giving yourself a bit of ‘me’ time will also help calm the waters of what can be a difficult break if it doesn’t go the way you would like. Take a little time out, even to go for a walk on the beach, or sit in your room with a book, and you’ll probably find your time away much smoother as a result.

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