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How to Travel with Friends Successfully

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Friendships are fragile things, and no matter how long you’ve known a person, and how well they know you, spending excessive amounts of time together, literally in a space the size of a small box, can cause huge problems, which sometimes breaks a relationship. Of course, on the flip side it can also make a relationship, but the trick is to balance the potential for problems with the potential for gain.

Be honest about your expectations before you leave

If one of you wants a clubbing experience, and the other wants to trek a mountain and be at one with nature, you’re going to have a huge clash of interests, and a massive problem. Sit down and talk about what your expectations for the trip are, and what you’d like to see and do.


Compromise is the way forward, and fitting in a bit of both worlds will mean less problems and less resentment. Of course, it’s always better to go travelling with like-minded friends in the first place!

Respect your space

You will all need space, whether that’s a few hours to close the door and be with your own thoughts, or a bit of time to read alone and chill out, space is a basic human need. Don’t crowd each other 24/7, and respect the fact that one person may want to be alone for their own reasons, without having to explain themselves.

Contain an argument at the point of bubbling

When a disagreement looks like it’s about to bubble up, tackle it at source and do it early. The longer a simmering argument goes on, the bigger it will be when it eventually blows. Talk about any problems in an adult way, discussing them and figuring a way around them, without turning it into a slanging match, where one person walks off on their own in a fit of anger, and the rest are left worrying about them, which causes an even bigger argument on their return. Take deep breaths, sort it out, and move on.

Be open and honest about any problems

A little like the point above, when something starts to annoy you, ask yourself whether this is just you being particular irritable, or whether the person in question really has done anything wrong. Often it’s just us feeling a bit hot and bothered, stressed and irritable, and sometimes even the sound of someone’s breathing can be annoying. Ask yourself this question, and if it’s not you, again, discuss it in an adult way.

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