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How Not to Put on Weight During a Vacation

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Unless you’re someone blessed with the metabolism of a very active young child, then you’re probably going to worry that you’ll pile on the pounds during your vacation. Nobody wants to stick to a strict diet during their precious break, but at the same time, nobody wants to come back three stones heavier either.

All inclusive holidays and cruises have the bonus of all food and drinking being included in the price, on an all you can eat basis, so this of course means you’re going to consume more than you would if you were paying for it in a restaurant every night, and having to watch your cash.

So, how do you walk the fine line between enjoying yourself, and not letting yourself go?

Don’t snack

You can eat if you want to at set lunchtimes, but if you don’t snack in-between, then this will help you in the battle against the scales. Ice creams, lattes, chocolate cake etc, these are all thrown at us during holiday times, and it’s tempting because you’re on holiday, so of course you should enjoy yourself, but if you cut out the in-betweens, you can enjoy your meals more.

Moderation is key

Moving on from eating what you want at meal times, remember moderation! You don’t need three plates at the all you can eat buffet, you just need enough to be full. You can have anything you want if you’re working with moderation, so remember that and you’ll not be restricting yourself. A little bit of what you fancy is a good thing.

Drink water

During the day, drink lots of water. This will help you stay hydrated in heat, but will also fill you up when you’re feeling peckish, and help you last until meal times.

Fruit is the way forward

You can eat as much fruit as you like, so fill your boots and you’ll be full, and not in the slightest bit heavier for it!

Eat locally

If you can eat at local restaurants, you’ll probably find you eat healthier. Most restaurants are geared up towards tourists, and as such, you’ll find the usual fare of greasy breakfasts, chips and pizza etc, however if you go where the locals go, you’ll find grilled meats, healthier options, and salads etc. This also has the added bonus of meaning you’re experiencing the local culture, which is obviously part of what travel and holidays are about.


This is not a suggestion to hit the local gym every morning, or jog two miles on the beach, but get out and walk if you can. A walk along the beach will not only be scenic and relaxing, but it will also act as exercise, and will help you beat the battle against the bulge. If your hotel does have a gym, or maybe a swimming pool, then use it if the mood takes you. Again, swimming is fantastic exercise, and a leisurely float in the sea or a paddle in the pool will go a long way.

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