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A Tick List for an Easy Journey

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Holidays – those wonderful events we all look forward to, and dream of when the weather is dreary and grey. In the weeks leading to your precious break, you plan everything, to make sure nothing goes wrong, and to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, this is what everyone does, so you’re not alone, but in the midst of getting excited, stressed, and sometimes a bit over-anxious, it’s easy to forget something, often the most important things!

Consider this your essential list of things to not forget when you’re about to jet off somewhere exciting.

Passport and visa

This is obvious, right? You’d be amazed how many people don’t realise until the last minute that they don’t have enough validity on their passport, and end up having to do an 11th hour dash to the passport office for a speedy renewal! Most countries require either three or six months left on your passport after you return home, but always check with your particular destination. In addition to this, check whether you need a visa, and do this well ahead of time. Some countries require a more formal process and in this case, you’re looking a decent amount of time invested in it. Not everywhere requires a visa, and sometimes it can be a simple online process, however it’s always worthwhile checking ahead of time.


Have you organised your travel insurance? Don’t let this be something you forget, in fact as soon as you book your holiday, get your insurance sorted out. There are plenty of policies out there, with something to suit every budget and need, so put this at the top of your list.

Tell the bank

If you’re planning on using your credit and debit cards overseas, it’s always a good idea to give them a call and let them know your destination and the dates you’re away. While this doesn’t totally cut out the possibility of your accounts being frozen due to suspected fraud, it does significantly cut down the chances if you put a travel marker on your account.

Health issues

If you have regular medications, make sure you give the doctors a call to get a supply while you’re away. Whilst you’re there, check whether you need any additional immunisations for your particular destination, or anti-malaria medication. Your GP will be able to give you up to date, reliable information.

Print it all out

Now, this is debatable because not everywhere these days requires you to print out your confirmations, but I like to have them in my bag just in case. It never hurts to be too prepared!

Turn your data roaming off

When you arrive at the airport and you’re about to board the plane, make sure you turn off your data roaming and cellular data on your mobile phone, and then switch it to plane mode before you get on the plane. Too many people have been caught out with massive phone bills because they’ve forgotten to turn off data roaming – don’t let it be you!

If you can tick these steps off your pre-holiday list, you should have a stress-free journey ahead.

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