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Travelling with Depression

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Depression can be a dark place, feeling hopeless and as though nothing will ever change. It’s basically a vicious circle, a downward spiral, and one that can be dealt with in many different ways, depending on the person of course.

Dealing with depression isn’t just about medication and therapy, it’s about talking to people, having a support network and taking each day as it comes.

Many people with depression don’t feel able to chase their dreams, because self-sabotaging thoughts mean they can’t see a way it will ever work out. Because of that, how can you travel the world and see all the sights you dreamed of whilst you’re battling the darkness of depression, regardless of the severity?

Well, it can be done, and there are many success stories to prove it.

Plan, plan, plan

Whatever dream it is you’re chasing, plan it, research it, and pull it back to bite-sized chunks. The more manageable it is, the more easily you will be able to believe it can work.

Be positive

Whenever that negative ‘I can’t do this’ voice pops up, you need to push it back down and draw on your positivity.

Meet likeminded people

If you are travelling with others, pick a group who understand you and know about your problems, so if you do feel the need to offload, you’re able to do this on the go, which will minimise any bottling it up moments.

See your travel as therapy

Never feel guilty about upping sticks and heading off to see the world, because at the end of the day, you’re chasing your dreams, and anything that builds your sense of self-worth and helps you see the good in life should be practically prescribed for free! See your travel as a chance to build yourself up again.


Volunteering is a fantastic way to not only make yourself feel good, but give something back at the same time. There are many volunteering projects out there, where people are crying out for a helping hand, and if you can be the one to give that help, can you imagine the boost and sense of achievement you’ll gain?

Accept there will be down days

Nobody said travelling would cure you of your condition, however it will help if is truly something you want to do with your life. Accept there will be days when you’re feeling a little low, but the key is to recognise it, busy yourself and distract yourself with your new surroundings and new people, and you may just find the feelings and symptoms dull at the very least.

Get In Get Happy

Discover happiness through travel with Get In Get Happy. Life should be enjoyed and travel is one of the best ways to focus on the positive, get the most out of life and get yourself to a happy place.

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