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The Perk of Indirect Flying

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When travelling, it’s not always a case of getting on one flight and ending up in the place you need to be. Sometimes we have to fly indirect, and sometimes these stops are unscheduled, but whatever the reason, flying indirect does have its benefits.

Firstly – cost. I managed to save myself around £150 on the cost of a return flight to Dalaman last July by flying indirect with Turkish Airlines to Istanbul first, and then onto Dalaman. You might think this was a total faff, and yes it did add time to my break, but the journey was actually quite pleasant and the money I saved was put to good use during my holiday.

When flying to America, I often find it cheaper to fly indirect also, and I’ve done this via Atlanta when heading to Orlando. Often just adding a couple of hours to your journey doesn’t make that much difference, and the cost saved really does make a difference!

With indirect flights however, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and make sure you don’t miss your connections. If you book with the same flight company, this won’t be a problem, however if you book different companies independently, then you need to keep yourself well informed, by checking your flight information online regularly. It doesn’t hurt to do this regardless of whether you’re flying direct or indirect, but in the case of an indirect flight, knowing which terminal you need to be at, when, and checking for any problems ahead of time, will really make sure you end up making all your connections without any hitches.

The good thing about my indirect journey last year was that booking with the same airline for all my flights, purchased as one whole journey, meant I didn’t have to pick up my suitcase when I arrived at Istanbul, and my case was simply transferred onto the next domestic flight down to Dalaman. This saved me time and stress, especially because I had never flown into Istanbul before, and the sheer size and busy nature of the airport was stressing me out somewhat. If you fly with the same company for your entire journey, and by that I mean when you book, you book every flight you step foot on as part of that one round trip, then you shouldn’t have to pick up your luggage, and you shouldn’t have to check in again either, because you will be given your boarding passes for all your flights at your first initial check in. Obviously check with your airline, but this has been the case for me whenever I’ve flown indirect.

So, the next time you find a cheap flight, your heart soars, and then drops again because you realise its indirect, don’t be put off – if the price is right and it’s not going to add a huge amount of time onto your journey, go for it!

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