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The Big Come Down – How to Cope with Post-Trip Blues

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An amazing trip means lots of memories, photos, and tales to tell, right? Well whilst that is true, it also brings with it the inevitable post holiday blues, and that means tears, tantrums, a feeling akin to swallowing a brick, and like nothing back home will ever be enough again.


Not really, it’s a common feeling.

Whilst this does pass with time, the feeling of wanting to set off again doesn’t tend to fade that much, so it’s important to remember ways to deal with the post-trip blues, and not to settle back into the hum-drum of 9-5, meaning you don’t bother to get out and see more of the world.

How can you cope with post-trip blues? Well, it’s basically about planning the next one.

Sometimes an amazing trip can bring about such powerful feelings of freedom, meaning you don’t want to settle back home again. In that case, can you realistically up sticks and move? Maybe being a digital nomad could be a route you could go down, earning money on the go, so you can see the world whilst working. Alternatively, can you afford to emigrate to the place that you loved the most?

If you truly want to change your life, and your trip has given you the push to do just that, act on it! Life is for living.

If that’s not the realistic option, then the best way to deal with the post-trip blues is to look into your next trip and start putting the wheels in motion. This will give you something to focus on, an aim, and distract you from feelings of ‘I don’t want to be here!’

If money is the issue, and you’re unable to get booking up your next trip, then put a plan into action whereby you can save towards it. Taking baby steps will mean you get a sense of achievement, and you’re not stuck, waiting around for an opportunity to fall into your lap.

Another good way to starve off those blue feelings, is to get together with those you travelled with, and have a photo night, a reminiscing night, and laugh about all the memories you made.

Put simply, use your down-time after your trip to put the wheels into action to get on the next one – who knows, that next trip might be even better than the one you’ve just returned from.


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