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How Travel Can Make You Appreciate Your Life Back Home

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It’s all too easy to take your life for granted. The little things that we don’t even notice on a day to day basis can become a huge miss points when we’re away and they’re not there anymore. Travel is something that broadens the mind, enriches experiences, and educates, yet it has the added extra of helping us realise what we already have.

Many people decide to go travelling to find something different, to experience a new way of life, and to get themselves out of a rut. In fact, getting out of a rut is probably one of the main reasons overall. When we get bored, our feet get itchy, and we want to spread our wings. What can happen in this situation is that we often find we had what we were looking for all along.

For instance, maybe someone is bored in their job, sick of 9-5, and wants a little excitement in life. So what do they do? They head off backpacking for a few months, to experience different cultures, and maybe hoping to find a new opportunity along the way. Whilst there is a very real chance that this person could find their ideal job in a beautiful country, a thousand miles from home, there is also the chance that they could realise that the world is a huge and beautiful place, that they’re happy for the experience, but that they value their life back home much more than they realised.

The bottom line is that the grass isn’t always greener. Whilst certain countries might look idyllic from the outside, the cold, hard reality is that half the time, the way of life there is a struggle, and the beautiful scenery and weather is the pay off for having to struggle much of the time. That person who decided to backpack, will probably find that their quality of life was never that bad in the first place, and that a little time away was all they really needed to appreciate what they had all along.

There is also the homesickness element, and this is usually where the people you have in your life already are more prominent. You don’t realise what you have at the time, not until it’s not there anymore, and a little time away is the perfect way to evaluate what is important, and who is important. This is the perfect life detox in many ways.

So, how does travel help you appreciate your life back home? It helps you see that what you have already is usually exactly what you need, with just a new perspective to go alongside it.

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