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How to Build Self-Confidence Through Travel

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Seeing the world is amazing, but it’s also scary. Unless you’re one of those people who breezes through life without a care or worry about anything they say or do, then there are going to be times when travel throws up worries and problems that you might not have the confidence to deal with.

You’ve probably heard the saying that travel broadens horizons, but it also builds confidence, and whilst there may be a few initial stumbling blocks whilst you find your feet, at the end of the trip you will probably find yourself much more outgoing and self-assured as a result, simply because you had to look after yourself, and you know what? You actually did it, without the aid of a safety net, and totally out of your comfort zone. What a liberating feeling!

Push yourself

Whether you’re travelling alone or within a small group, nobody is going to look after you, you have to do it yourself. Because of that, you need to push yourself, even if you feel like you’re totally out of your comfort zone. If you fake confidence for long enough, you will eventually feel it.

Start small

Baby steps are much more effective than massive strides. Start small by heading out to the laundrette alone first, or trying to ask for your meal in the language of the place you’re visiting. These tiny steps will lead to a bigger feeling of confidence as you go along, and before you know it you’ll be doing these things without even giving them a second thought.

Find a confidence boosting buddy

You’ll no doubt find someone who feels the same, so become a team and share your worries. Talking about the little things that bother you really will make you see that they’re never as big as you think, and you’ll be easier able to forget them and get on with the good stuff at hand – enjoying your adventure.

Don’t beat yourself up

There will be times when you stumble, and you might feel like you’ve failed but that’s not the case. You have simply had a wobble, and you get back up and start again. Don’t let a little mishap ruin your growing confidence.

Remember that you only live once

Travel will show you sights that you never dreamed of, and once you get on your way, you’ll probably find yourself changing a little as a person. Whenever you get scared or worried, or you feel that your confidence is holding you back, remember what you’re doing and how far you’ve come, and look out at that amazing scenery in front of you, or that cultural sight that you’ve been longing to see, and remember that very true piece of advice – you only live once.

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