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Cruising with Freedom

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For the ultimate in exploration with a comfort blanket right there at your side, a cruise is the ideal way to see the world. This increasingly popular way to travel has seen a massive boom lately, and these days you can pick up a holiday for a surprisingly low cost, with all your food and drink included in the price.

Bargain or what?!

You can cruise many different parts of the world, and the freedom comes from being able to pick an itinerary that suits your needs. Of course, costs can be cut even further when you think about your travel plans that go alongside your main holiday, such as how you’re going to get to the airport. My choice? I’d drive every time. I regularly do this now, as I got tired of busy trains and long coach journeys, not to mention the growing price tag. I now book my airport parking with ParkBCP, and that way I know the control is in my hands alone.

This is a service that is available no matter where you fly from, and I regularly use Gatwick airport parking, south terminal so I can vouch for that one in particular. Whether you head off regionally or from one of the UK’s major airports, have a little search into costs etc – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Cost cutting will help you when you head off on your cruise holiday, because you’ll be in a better position to book land excursions, allowing you to see more of the destinations you visit. Yes, you only get to see bite-sized chunks, but sometimes that’s enough. If you don’t like somewhere, it’s fine, you’ve seen it, move on; however if you love somewhere, you know that you’ve sampled it enough to feel confident to book a land-based holiday there at some point in the future. It’s like trying before you buy in a way.

The only consideration is where you book your excursions. Just do a little research pre-holiday, because the excursions offered by your cruise company could be a little more expensive than those you can book locally. However, if you book locally, just remember that you need to be back at the ship in good time for your onward journey, because it’s not going to wait for you! Despite that slight risk, which I’ve never known to happen to any of my friends who have regularly gone on cruises, you will find a range of trips available at popular drop off points.

So, where can you cruise?

Well, the options are wide and varied. Transatlantic is a popular one, with maybe a few days in Florida or New York, or maybe head off around the Norwegian Fjords for some spectacular scenery. The Med?  The Canaries?  Far East?  The Caribbean? The list goes on. You can also check out some vacation essentials for Florida if you have the time.

For the ultimate in holiday freedom, with comfortable surroundings on a real budget – a cruise is a huge consideration.

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