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On or Off The Beaten Track in Thailand

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We have all seen those idyllic beach pictures of turquoise blue waters, swaying palms, and white sand. We have probably all gazed upon these photos and looked longingly, wondering how easy it is to get there and forget all our cares.

The good news?

It’s super easy.

The photos you were looking at were probably of a Thailand beach, and Thailand is much more accessible to all these days. You can either head off backpacking, making your way around the country, or you can stay in one of the many Thailand beach villas on offer – how you do Thailand is totally up to you.

Of course, it’s not all about beaches, it’s about nature, wildlife, culture, temples, food, nightlife, and everything else in-between! Thailand is not just a party destination, as many people falsely believe it to be, and there is a lot of culture and tradition to explore. If you overlook this during your visit, then quite frankly you have failed! It’s not hard to head off to a local temple, it’s not hard to venture into the jungle – there are countless trips which will guide you there without having to head off on your own steam. Of course, if you want to venture on your own, you are totally fine to do just that too.

As we mentioned, Thailand is known as a regular backpacking destination, but that should tell you a lot about the variation and the sheer amount of things to see and do there. Most people arrive in Bangkok, before catching a domestic flight, or even a bus, to their actual place of residence during their holiday. There are many local airports, so you can fly direct if you want to, but this does tend to work out slightly more expensive. A few nights in vibrant Bangkok is a must do if you can fit it into your time, and you’ll experience a real Thai way of life here. Yes, there is neon lit nightlife, but there are many other sides to the capital city. Check out the street food for one!

Most people tend to think about the paradise islands which lie just off the Thai coast, and these truly are a feast for the eye! Koh Samui is one of the most famous, but there is also Phuket, and many other smaller islands to check out too. You can venture around a few if you want to, as there are island hopping tours and ferries which run regularly. Yes, some of the islands are very touristic, but there is always a side to every single one of them which is more authentic and chilled out, so simply venture there if you want a more sedate way of life, in total luxury and paradise surroundings!

When to Visit Thailand

You might be wondering when is the best time to visit Thailand. Basically, there isn’t a bad time. Temperatures are quite steady across the year, and the only real difference is the amount of rain. Thailand is affected by a wet season and a dry season, and not by the four traditional seasons of winter, summer, autumn, and spring. Despite the word ‘monsoon’, you’re unlikely to see a constant stream of torrential rain, because even though during the wet season it could rain every day, it is likely to be a downpour in the afternoon which lasts for no longer than 10 minutes or so!

The wet season is roughly from July to October, although September is really the wettest month. This does vary across the country – remember that Thailand is large! During the wet season, temperatures are a little lower, which is a welcome relief for those who don’t love high temperatures, but November to February is a great time to visit too. This is when there is little rain, and lower temperatures, thanks to the end of the wet season. Prior to the wet season beginning however, you can expect the mercury to rise. Basically, check your destination in terms of how wet or hot at any particular time, and remember that humidity can be a slightly issue from time to time.

Must do Activities in Thailand

It really does depend on your actual destination as to the specific activities you should have on you to do list, but there are some general experiences and activities that every visitor should have on their list. For instance, beach time is a must do. If you are staying on the coast, or specifically on the islands, you should dedicate plentiful time to laying on the sand, splashing in the sea, and generally chilling out. You will also find some fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving trips. You don’t have to be a stronger swimmer to check out the marine life either, as you can often wade out to your knees and look down, and you will see colourful fish swimming around your legs!

A boat trip is another activity to have on your list. Checking out the scenery from the water is truly spectacular. What else? Oh, nature! The jungle is never too far away from you, and a guided tour into the natural habitat is something you should definitely do. Whether you go on the back of an elephant or not is up to you, but this is an option.

Of course, you have to visit a temple. These are so spectacularly decorated and built in opulent architectural style, that you will have your jaw dropped. If you go inside, remember to be respectful and quiet at all times, and make sure you are respectfully dressed – no shorts or mini skirts, and make sure you are wearing a shirt.

If you’re in a large city, especially Bangkok, you won’t struggle to find a huge air conditioned shopping mall, so you can do some retail therapy or credit card bashing, bringing home some bargains and souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Put simply, Thailand is an experience you will never forget!


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