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Merhaba Marmaris

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That’s ‘hello’ in case you didn’t know! 

I am equally blessed and cursed to say that I live in Marmaris. Now, if you don’t know, Marmaris is one of the major tourist resorts on the southern coast of Turkey. I love it here, it is my home away from home, but the curse comes because when I leave and go back to the UK, I always leave a bit of me behind.

This is what you get for falling in love with another country!

For anyone who has never been to Turkey, you could be forgiven for having preconceived ideas, and this is mainly down to the kiss and tell stories you read in Take a Break magazine, or other publications in the same vein. Yes, it happens, and yes, I’ve seen it, but no, love rats and cheats aren’t what define this beautiful country, and certainly not this particularly beautiful resort.

For me, Marmaris is laid back, sunny, dripping in beautiful scenery, full of friendly people, and if you know where to head, totally and authentically Turkish, with the safety net of tourism if you need it.

May to October is officially the summer tourist season, and this is when you will get the direct flights heading to Dalaman airport, often at great prices. There are countless hotels and apartments to rent, and the cost of eating out and drinking is low compared to many other European countries, and especially the UK, where I’m from.

You can go on a jeep safari into the mountains and visit a Turkish village, you can head out onto the open water and visit magical caves, you can lay on the beach all day and top up your tan, you can head to the castle and have your breath knocked from you at the views, you can jump on the bus and visit neighbouring resorts, you can haggle on the markets and laugh at the banter in the bazaar, you can eat delicious Turkish dishes, or you can simply wander around to your heart’s content, taking in the intoxicating sights before you.

There is a special vibe about Marmaris, and if you ask anyone who has been, they will more than likely tell you the same.

As for night life, Marmaris has it sorted. If you want full on, it’s yours, and if you want chilled out, equally it’s there. You just have to know where to go, but ask a local and they’ll be happy to help.

This is what I love about Marmaris, because to coin a cliché, it is one of those places with something for everyone. Yes, many people love it, and many people hate it – it is one of those Marmite destinations, but it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same, would it?

 Keep your wits about you when some charmer is spinning you a tale about how the stars fell from the sky and landed in your eyes, and don’t fall for the banter – that’s the only advice you need, but come on, how many times have you heard the same stories from Greek waiters, Spanish barmen etc? Ignore the rumours, visit with an open mind, I guarantee you will have an enjoyable holiday to remember.

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